Monday, November 5, 2007

The Secular Society and Its Enemies: A Center for Inquiry Conference

On November 9th-11th, the Center for Inquiry hosts a conference called The Secular Society and its Enemies.

Speakers will include Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Alan Dershowitz, Peter Singer, and Michelle Goldberg.

From the event's website:

The 2007 Conference of the Center for Inquiry-New York City will take place at the New York Academy of Sciences at 7 World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan, overlooking the World Trade Center site and construction site of the Freedom Tower, on November 9 - 11. Renowned speakers, scholars, and media personalities will meet to discuss the future of reason and secularism in an America and a world increasingly divided by religion.

Themes will include:

- The Age of American Unreason
- The Next Islamic Enlightenment
- Science and the Public
- Student Freethinkers Speak Out
- Secularism through History: from Spinoza to JFK
- VIP Reception and Awards Presentation (with the International Academy of Humanism)

Student registration is 99$. The event will take place at the New York Academy of Sciences, 250 Greenwich St, 40th Floor, Manhattan.

Next Meeting: The Presidential Election, 2pm, 11/11/07, Lerner 501

Come one, come all, to CAA's next meeting. We will be discussing The 2008 Presidential Election on Sunday, November 11th, at 2pm in Lerner Hall 501.

Should candidates' religious beliefs matter? Will we ever have an openly atheist president? Want to bemoan the fact that three Republican candidates don't believe in evolution? Come share your thoughts.

Past Meetings

In reverse chronological order:

10/28/07: Religion and Gender, in 501 Lerner Hall

10/14/07: The Atheist Movement, in Lerner East Ramp Lounge

10/7/07: Secular Spirituality, in 501 Lerner Hall

9/30/07: Secular Morality, in Earl Hall's Schiff Room

9/3/07: First meeting, in Math Hall: informal discussion of what the club should be and telling of personal stories.